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The First Land of China RV and Zhong-ou Motor Homes in CARAVAN SALON DUSSELDORF Within 51 Years
Date :2012/8/28 18:45:00 | Browsing: 1065 | Source: Network Department

The world largest caravan salon---CARAVAN SALON DUSSELDORF will start in DUSSELDORF from August 24th to September 2nd, 2012. The current Housing Motor Show slogan to "discover your world" (Discover Your World), a total of 120 RV brands for many RV camping enthusiasts gathered in Dusseldorf, Germany, presents a gluttonous feast!Has aroused widespread interest in this world-renowned annual event of the motorhome industry, on behalf of the Chinese Motor Homes exhibitors Zhong-ou Automobile Co., Ltd.Dusseldorf, Germany, the room auto show since the first inception in 1962, the first RV manufacturing exhibitors from China, 50 years to fill the China Touring Car car-free in the European Touring Auto Show (Dusseldorf, Germany, the room auto show)exhibitors blank to create a new history.

The European Touring Motor Show (Dusseldorf, Germany Auto City Housing) International Touring Car event, founded in 1962, in the past 50 years, the European Touring Auto Show (Dusseldorf, Germany Auto City Housing) brings together the fullthe world RV innovations, trends reliable information, industry colleagues to provide the opportunity to communicate and discuss the RV industry festival become recognized worldwide. Development on behalf of the World Touring Car highest levels and trends, the room of the world's largest auto show.

Zhong-ou Automobile Co., Ltd.-- China's largest RV manufacturer
High cost from China Motor Homes

Zhong-ou Automobile Co., Ltd.-- China's largest RV manufacturer

Zhong-ou International Group is a diversified multinational corporation. The group business mainly covers: helicopter manufacturing, luxury Benz motor homes & caravans & business travel vehicles manufacturing, aircraft lease, aircraft trusteeship, pilot training, auto spare parts manufacturing, real estate development, investment etc. It has 11 subsidiaries with 3 production bases in Shanghai, Zhejiang and Changshu.

Zhong-ou International Group Into the RV manufacturing field since 2008, after several years of unremitting hard work, hard work, and products in the domestic market situation champion has been made. Its high-end saloon cars, luxury business travel car is the crystallization of the zhong-ou Automobile Research Institute in cooperation with the German company of Mercedes Benz and Germany Anaheim. Limited space layout humane integration with a strong power, and highly reliable safety performance, providing a full range of high-end business activities and leisure travel ultimate enjoyment! 

the new LEAJU series of Zhong-ou Automobile Co., Ltd World premiere

A lot of attention the new LEAJU series of Zhong-ou Automobile Co., Ltd World premiere

After long-term R & D in 2012 LEAJU Motor home series of Zhong-ou Automobile Co., Ltd uncover its mystical veil in CARAVAN SALON DUSSELDORF Focus on the middle-class crowd, a huge consumer market, this new type motor home series of Zhong-ou Automobile Co., Ltd owners fight cost-effective licensing, look around this show the  LEAJU series of Zhong-ou Automobile Co., Ltd in similar models have a strong competitive advantage and market appeal. International friends to visit the new car before consulting room auto show bit in zhon-ou motor homes rcked to have thumbs; manufacturing Yat MG saloon car, but also a loud card handed to enter the international car market for Zhong-ou Automobile Co., Ltd.!

Zhong-ou Motor Homes Booth International friends are doing


Time: August 2012 (August 24, 25-9 March 2 to a professional audience and media day)

Opening hours: Daily 10:00 - 18:00


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